outturn out‧turn [ˈaʊtˌtɜːn ǁ -ˌtɜːrn] noun [countable usually singular]
1. ACCOUNTING the actual amounts, results etc at the end of a period of activity, rather than those that were expected or calculated earlier; = actuals:

• Current expenditure is forecast to increase by 6% over last year's outturn.

• Social security spending will be lower than expected due to lower recent outturns for unemployment.

2. MANUFACTURING the amount of goods or services produced by a person, machine, factory, company etc; = output

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outturn UK US /ˈaʊtˌtɜːn/ noun [S or U]
UK ACCOUNTING, ECONOMICS used to talk about the result for sales, growth, etc. achieved in a particular period, rather than what was expected or planned: »

He was budgeting for zero net new business this year, while expressing his hope that the outturn would be better than this.


The outturn was well below City expectations of an 0.8% increase.

PRODUCTION a total amount of goods or services produced during a particular period of time: »

The whisky was released in 2004 with an outturn of just 2400 bottles.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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